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Hotmail effective logging

Hotmail Login service, one of the first of its kind, has been available to the public since 1996, so the experience is overwhelming. It began its existence as an independent company, but only a year later was acquired by the titan of Microsoft.
This transformed it into MSN Hotmail Login, an application that would accompany up to 300 million users as part of the most everyday in digital life for years.

Of course, every cycle has its end, even the one that became the most used webmail and chat service around the world: by 2013, the old-fashioned Sign in Hotmail design and its tendency to accumulate spam are replaced by the minimalist and more Secure Outlook, which, however, retains all the old users and admits the new ones also under the domain of Hotmail Login. After all, a name with so much weight could not disappear completely.
Today, having an address @hotmail, @msn, @live or @outlook means having access to an entire Microsoft account, which offers, in addition to the e-mail service, applications such as People, Skype , Office Online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), OneDrive (cloud storage), and Windows Store. That is why many users prefer it.

But, did you know that there are multiple ways to log in to Outlook or, what is the same, in your Microsoft account? Then we tell you so that you take full advantage of them.

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The outstanding features of Hotmail

The menu system "Sweep" of Hotmail Login users can help prevent unwanted email quickly and can easily archive old mails, unsubscribe to receive updates automatically in just a few clicks click. IE9 browser, users can quickly access your inbox. Just drag the icon to the taskbar Hotmail (Task bar) of Windows 7, then click. Users also can add safety features to eliminate spam from the inbox of junk email.


SkyDrive support users to send hundreds of photos in 1 email with 25GB of free traffic.
Hotmail Login wider variety of features collage and share the application through online Office Web Apps. No need to install additional applications, users can text editor Word and Powerpoint presentations on Login Hotmail easily with equivalent features.

Interactive system with LinkedIn and email. ActiveViews Hotmail sign up features help users do more tasks than from your inbox, such as accepting a direct connection to LinkedIn inbox.
Hotmail free e-mail system is the largest with 360 million unique users (unique users) monthly.

And Hotmail login was 15 years old, many new features cater to the needs exchanges will in turn be added together with the ability to protect the personal account.
In the modern world, where the media is common society, instantaneous updates and 24x7 connectivity to the Internet is the key requirement. Quick look at the past, we will find that email is the turning point opens a new era of personal connections with individuals, overcoming traditional boundaries of time and place.

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The new enhancements in Hotmail

Creating Microsoft Hotmail account to Hotmail Login quite difficult for beginners. For greater convenience in using the services of Microsoft, I will guide detailing how to register Microsoft Hotmail account with pictures.
Hotmail is a free service that offers email accounts with 5GB of storage space. Once you create a Hotmail account, the same credentials (username and password) will allow you to access other Microsoft services like Windows Live Spaces, OneCare, Calendar, Gallery, and more. Hotmail accounts as well as Windows Live ID account, it also gives you access to other Microsoft services, such as Messenger, Xbox LIVE, ....

The new enhancements in Hotmail

Hotmail 2011 version different from the Hotmail in 2005 (of course, also unlike Hotmail 2010). With the interface and features such as Outlook, Hotmail's 2011 version also includes features fast access (shortcut) for keyboard and many options to personalize the email system of the user

Hotmail Login current version was really fast, from 10 to 20 times compared to version 2010. By cutting out the downloadable content to accelerate time to download, using several data buffer and stored on your computer preloaded some commonly used functions helped soothing Hotmail becomes permanently.

Hotmail can filter 98% of spam email with smart SmartScreen filter, blocking about 5.5 billion spam messages daily on the server system.

Hotmail works well with smartphones (smartphones). Whether the user is using Windows Phone or iOS phone or any kind of smartphone does still support users Login Hotmail sync email, calendar (schedule), and contact (contacts) from anywhere.
Users can chat, chat with your friends on Facebook from Hotmail.

Watch live video clips from YouTube, Hulu and other services from the email content. Users do not need to open another page to see beyond

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Guide Sign in Hotmail

Hotmail Login, Windows Live Hotmail, often referred to simply as Hotmail, is a free web mail service of Microsoft common, part of the Windows Live services group. The beta of the service was released on November 1, 2005 concurrent with the release of Windows Live, and the final version was released on May 7, 2007. The formerly code-named Kahuna and short name Open the Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Hotmail is designed to replace the MSN Hotmail.
Is management software to compose, send, receive and store emails released by Microsoft, like Yahoo! Mail, Google Mail ... but not handy with two. Access your Hotmail website:
You will have two options is sign in Hotmail, or sign up Hotmail with a Windows Live account and a Hotmail address. If you already have a Windows Live account, all you need to do is log in Hotmail, use two boxes to the right of the web page. If you do not have a Windows Live account, click the Sign Up button (Register), is framed in the image below.
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Transfer emails from Hotmail to Gmail

Hotmail Login, Windows Live Hotmail, often referred to simply as Hotmail, is a free webmail service of Microsoft common, part of the Windows Live services group. The beta of the service was released on November 1, 2005 concurrent with the release of Windows Live, and the final version was released on May 7, 2007.

Transfer emails from Hotmail to Gmail
If you use Gmail, but still nostalgically with Outlook, you can choose the following solution. That move emails from Outlook, Hotmail to Gmail.
Step 1: First you need to log in to your account Hotmail.
Step 2: Next, you click on the photo wheel on Outlook menu bar and then click the Options / Preferences.
Step 3: Next, you click on the Line Email forwarding / Forward email
Step 4: Here you enter your email to gmail, then tick the Keep a copy of forwarded messages in inbox you / Keep copies of forwarded messages in your inbox and Save to finish
Such is above all just teach you how to move an email from Outlook, Hotmail to Gmail. Now you do not need to log in to gmail Hotmail independence that could Gmail login Hotmail messages. Currently, in addition to business email, you most users only use one email to communicate. Therefore you should forward all other email accounts on the same for ease of management.
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Hotmails new features

Hotmail is a web site hosted by MSN. Set up a free hotmail account. You get an email address and many more features come along with having a hotmail email account.

Hotmail's new features

Here are some interesting new features for Hotmail:
Inbox New Views enables users preferred content filtering inbox items. The most useful feature here is probably the "From contacts" which are only visible in emails from people contacts (Contact lists) of the user. The user will see the message that really needs to be answered, and this is especially useful when users must often work with people in the contacts list.

In addition, there is another new Views Inbox filtering function for updates from social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Besides, the email filtering features with photographs, documents or emails with updates.
In addition to the actual spam messages (such as advertising Viagra and other sexual ads ...) there is the semi-spam messages (such as bulletin boards used by persons previously registered and then you do not need anymore, or bonus shares in the stores where users not to buy anymore). Of course, users can find out how to not subscribe to a newsletter or register to receive coupons anymore. But with Hotmail's Sweep feature, users can remove the hassle out of there a lot easier by selecting the sender and choose to delete all e-mail senders, or automatically move them to a different folder if as if to hold back without disturbing inbox.

Active View is actually an interesting function. For example, users receive an email from a friend that has a video from YouTube, the content is about a sudden deterioration in the ground. The user will not only get a link to the video, but also shows a thumbnail of the video on this disaster and open the video in a popup window to the right mailbox. Besides YouTube videos, Hotmail also supports Hulu videos.
Active View also supports photos. If users receive photos from friends, the thumbnails of the photos will show up in the mail. Users can view the thumbnails on the same window or click on the photo and see them as a slide show on a pop-up.
Email sender does not need to use Hotmail or Active View, but the recipient must install Microsoft Silverlight.

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Hotmail Login

Hotmail Login is the abbreviation of Windows Live Hotmail which is the e-mail service provided completely free of charge, creating an account is simple with high security feature formed by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, under the direct administration and management of Microsoft.

Hotmail launched the first official version on May 7, 2007 with the name Kahuna, as a design to replace MSN Hotmail.
Currently, Hotmail is attracting more than 500 million users around the world by the time of 2015, and has 36 language versions.
Although it is not as popular as Gmail or Yahoo, Internet users should also learn how to log in hotmail because Hotmail has plenty of equal usability features and hotmail login is fairly easy and simple.
Hotmail account registration
To be able to log in Hotmail, first users need to own a personal Hotmail account through the registration.
Registration steps
Step 1: Access to the address, then click Sign up now to register your new account.
Step 2: Enter complete information to the section Create an account.
Name: Name of the user (First: name, Last: surname).
User name: The hotmail name that the user wants to create. (Type stick together without marks, you can use the character _ or the mark.). This is also the name used to log in Hotmail.
Select the email extension (,,
Create password: Create your password (at least 8 characters with the discrimination of uppercase and lowercase).
Reenter password: Reenter your password.
Country/region: Name of the country in which the user lives.
Zip code: Postal code.
Birth date: Day, month and year of birth.
Gender: Select the sex of the user.
Step 3: After completing the information, users need to enter some security information to recover the account when needed, such as country code, user’s telephone number and alternate email address.
Then click Create account and confirm the registration.
Now you already have an account to Log in Hotmail any time.
Hotmail Login
In fact, Hotmail Login is quite easy and simple. Hotmail Login is like the login of gmail, yahoo … Users simply access to a certain website, then access to the home page address of Hotmail, enter the information of username and password to be able to Log in hotmail successfully.
Hotmail Login is easy but there are also separate utilities. When logging into Hotmail, users immediately have 5GB to contain emails, this software also helps users manage multiple email addresses at the same time, which is very convenient to store emails on your computer. Logging into Hotmail, users can also check and send emails from anywhere and anytime.
Hotmail is a very convenient software to manage the compilation, sending, receipt and storage of emails. Let’s Log in Hotmail - the web-based online e-mail service helps you send and receive emails of your friends and colleagues more quickly and conveniently.

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